Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ink Calendar, Kinetic Fibers.

This calendar is incredible, a kinetic fiber sculpture that is not only cool but useful. Each day the dye permeates the the number path and each new month the dye is changed. The calendar uses capilary action to suck ink across the embossed numbers that are timed to penetrate the paper throughout the course of the day. Oh and by the way it was designed by Oscar Diaz as part of "SueƱos de un Grifo" curated by Hector Serrano ( and Javier Estebanin Madrid, Spain. And now for my best Count impersonation: one, ah ah ah, two, ah ah ah, three...

Sunday, July 5, 2009

"Dividing the Union is Illogical" or " The Art of Cross Promotion".

Being that this blog is a natural vehicle for self promotion, here I go. My husband Dave is an amazing painter, it seem only natural that I begin with him. Our best seller on our Etsy site by far is the ACEO, "Dividing the Union is Illogical". It is an oh so lovely meld of dear ol' Abe Lincoln and Spock. It's a hit with all the kids, and the resemblance is eerie.

The original painting was acrylics on hand stretched and tacked canvas. The aceo's were made by us, with the exception of the printing. That was left to more capable hands. The stamps on the back were designed by Dave as drawings that were scanned for sending. I loved the result, the stamps came out perfect and super detailed. We carefully cut the cards and added a backing for stability and the longevity of the print. It also lends a nice finish. Then they are stamped, signed and numbered.

Aceos are mini art pieces, so these would be mini prints. While we wanted a professional look, we also take great pride in the handmade aspect as well. We did this with our boxsets too. The overall cost of making what we want, how we wanted was very expensive. So some elements (printing, stamp making) were professionally made for quality purposes. Other things we felt we could do ourselves and not sacrifice quality.

I have my own collection of aceo's, small but growing. I like to frame them in cute, cheap black frames from Michael's and have them in groups. My latest two are by Paul Brogden and are men with magnificent moustaches. I adore them.