Sunday, August 17, 2008

Black Rabbit Quilt

Black Rabbit Quilt
Originally uploaded by badbird
I think this quilt by Badbird is amazing. It is at once folksy and very modern. The flowers bring to mind toll painting or perhaps Mexican paper flowers, but that bunny is so cute. The bunny (not rabbit) is a modern update recalling the Hello Kitty generation.

At least thats what I like.
That and the obvious craftmanship and originality.


Friday, August 15, 2008


Finally! I have been working on these guys for a bit. The frames weren't too bad, I am pretty good with steel but the lighting system was waaayyy harder than it should have been. It's not really that hard to work with LED's especially with the fine advise to be found on But there is limited space behind this fish and the wall and I didn't want pin point dots of light. I wanted a more all-over lit space that really showed off the texture. I am experimenting with other animal forms, I really want to do an angler fish, maybe as a pendant lamp. Very satisfying though, completely made from scratch. Pencil rod steel frame, plasticized cheesecloth, hand carved eyes of exotic woods, and a home made lighting system.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Mission Accomplished!

I am finally done with this one. I have never really done much embroidery or anything resembling it. So as you can imagine there was a bit of a learning curve to be had. Towards the end of it I was really happy with the consistency in my stitching.

The texture was what I was really concentrating on here. The wool all by itself has such a lush texture to it but the silk, cheesecloth and netting really added to it.

I really treated this like a painting.
So I suppose the wool and silk ground is the canvas and gesso, the machine stitching and variety of materials added is the underpainting and the hand stitching finishes it up.

On my next piece I want to experiment with kool-aid dying techniques and image transfer. I've got to start scrounging around at the thrift stores and garage sales for old thread. I'm getting low!