Sunday, August 17, 2008

Black Rabbit Quilt

Black Rabbit Quilt
Originally uploaded by badbird
I think this quilt by Badbird is amazing. It is at once folksy and very modern. The flowers bring to mind toll painting or perhaps Mexican paper flowers, but that bunny is so cute. The bunny (not rabbit) is a modern update recalling the Hello Kitty generation.

At least thats what I like.
That and the obvious craftmanship and originality.



Chrisy said...

Intricate interesting work. Also enjoying your fibre the winning lotto one... said...

Hello Angela your fantastic...!! and thank you for the follow. We live in the same City.
I take it we are connected via facebook? I love the quilt as well. I dabble a bit but I must admit I suck at sewing. Too mathy for me...I just let R rip... turns out kinda cooooky most of the time.
I am now a follower of you. Make a comment on my latest post, I would be interested to hear your thoughts.
Brittany (aka) papermoonies

lisa bebi said...

your work is so refreshing and interesting. i like it because it is so different. good stuff - i looked through a lot of posts in your blog.