Friday, August 15, 2008


Finally! I have been working on these guys for a bit. The frames weren't too bad, I am pretty good with steel but the lighting system was waaayyy harder than it should have been. It's not really that hard to work with LED's especially with the fine advise to be found on But there is limited space behind this fish and the wall and I didn't want pin point dots of light. I wanted a more all-over lit space that really showed off the texture. I am experimenting with other animal forms, I really want to do an angler fish, maybe as a pendant lamp. Very satisfying though, completely made from scratch. Pencil rod steel frame, plasticized cheesecloth, hand carved eyes of exotic woods, and a home made lighting system.


The Dancing Newt said...


I just clicked on the link for 'rusty metal' in my blogger profile's interests and your blog came up. I just wanted to tell you that I LOOOOVE that fish.

Nice work. :)

lisa bebi said...

very very awesome.