Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our First, First Thursday

First Thursday is an institution here in Portland, an early evening of art around Downtown and the bus mall as I call it, or the Pearl District if you like. [ That humble little area, I never thought back when I lived on 6th and Couch above Fellini/Satyricon that that yucky slice of heaven would look as gorgeous as it does now. ] Wrapping up around 1030-11 just in time to hit the bar.

But I am off topic.

We are very excited to have our maiden show here in PTown.
Dave and I are going to be showing at Virtuoso Studios this next First Thursday, March 4th. There will be some of my work, some of Dave's work and collaborative work. We are bringing a bit of merch. too, like boxsets, ACEO's, etc. as well as our original work. Graciously sharing the walls with us is Brent Wear , also the charming, couture, creatrix, Kirsten Moore of Piper Ewan. Life is better with handmade lingerie.

323 NW 6th Ave

On 6th between Everett and Flanders

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