Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girlie Concrete Rocks

I came across this a little while ago and tucked it safely into a folder on my computer. Time to bust it out and share. Anyhow I was really impressed with the very idea of this, I have tinkered with embedding fiber projects in plastics, it is a current theme around here but concrete? I've never considered it. So here it is, Girlie Concrete. This is a Tactility Factory Production that has recently seen its fair share of both gallery and design spaces. I have a special affinity to cob because of the ability to work in other objects into the structure being built, this allows for endless possibilities. This idea of "soft building surfaces" is similar but lends itself to a very sleek and modern profile. Plus, well its embroidered concret! Check out their blog for more information. They also have a website which you can find on their blog. side note: I just received two of the most gorgeous books yesterday, both are of art by Ernst Haeckel. If you are unfamiliar do yourself a favor and check him out.

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