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Iron On Transfer tutorial for embroidery

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I wanted to repost this, sometimes the simple things are good. Placing exactly what you want or replicating a drawing/design can be a task. I think this breaks it down to a nice bite sized piece.



Iron-on Transfer Pencil Tutorial

I've wanted to do embroidery for a while now, but was always baffled as to how I put my own image or text on to the fabric. Then I came across an iron-on transfer pencil on someone's blog (sorry, have no idea which one it was - I subscribe to way too many!). I'm sure people have been using them for years, but for those of us who haven't - or who haven't even heard of them - this tutorial is for you.

I have used a red Clover iron-on transfer pencil. Presumably there are other brands of transfer pencils on the market - please follow the instructions on the packet, as I have only used the Clover pencil.
1. I drew the original image myself (copying and enlarging an image I found on some fabric). I first drew it in lead pencil, then traced over the top with a black fine liner pen to give a clear outline.
2. I wanted the image to come out as I initially drew it, so I flipped the paper over and traced over the back of the image, to give me a reverse of the original image. If you are using text, you will need to do this, too. If you don't mind which way your scooter faces, then you can skip this step.
3. I then placed some baking paper (which is all I had on hand) over the new image and traced over it using the iron-on transfer pencil. I pressed quite firmly to ensure good coverage of the image.

4. The next step is to iron the image onto your fabric. Lay your fabric down and work out where you want your image placed. Place the baking/tracing paper pencil side down on the fabric. Set the iron to the temperature required for your particular fabric (eg hot iron for cotton or linen). Press a dry iron firmly over the image for 10-20 seconds, taking care not to glide the iron, as this may distort your image.
5. And hey presto! You have an image ready for embroidery. (Don't be distracted by the TV, as I was, and burn your fabric!!)
6. Choose your floss, and start embroidering.

The transfer can be used several times. This was my third time using this particular transfer, and I was surprised at how bright it came out.

The transfer works better on lighter coloured fabrics, as you probably won't be able to see it on darker fabrics.

The transfer is permanent. Make sure you position the transfer correctly before ironing. Have a sharp point on your pencil so you get a thin line transferred onto your fabric. Don't skip any steps if you're using text - otherwise you will transfer a mirror image of the text!

And, as always with new toys and gadgets, test on a scrap piece of fabric first!



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